WHO KILLED JFK a conspiracy theory

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Published by on November 3, 2013


WHO KILLED JFK a conspiracy theory




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2 comments on “WHO KILLED JFK a conspiracy theory

  1. inspectorcritic

    1 year ago

    Song ‘Gypsy’ is the true JFK Assassin. The KGB Agent returns to USSR red velvet (underground) ceremony he finds out he is being Gypt out of the citation of the kill. History (she) is dancing away from you now & history last forever! To a room with paper flowers, Kremlin’s secretary offers him, her virgin daughter. Maybe once maybe twice he was on TV, white lightning = stun gun memories repressed. No fear! Not faced with the death penalty & if I was a child? Assassin 8 yrs old! Read JFK VIP2RIP

  2. bsl0sucks

    1 year ago

    You are so very close to the real answer. The gun if you analyse it is the sun reflection off the front passenger secret service man’s hair and forehead (watch other vid’s, not just this one). The drivers side door trim also gives the appearance of an arm.

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