UFO Files – UFOs vs The Government Full Episode

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Published by on November 5, 2013


UFO Files – UFOs vs The Government Full Episode


UFOs and Aliens


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25 comments on “UFO Files – UFOs vs The Government Full Episode

  1. MasterWibbler

    1 year ago

    Why do we keep looking out of this world for intelligent life? We should spend some time to try to find some intelligence here.

  2. mcmchugh99

    1 year ago

    Forget the lighthouse. All the witnesses at the time said that they knew where the lighthouse was and it had nothing to do with the UFOs.

    Now, they are saying it was stars, meteors, police cars, swamp gas and everything else except what it really was.

  3. David Pearce

    1 year ago

    James magayhay is an asshole, a UFO could land in front of him and he wouldn’t believe it. Trained airmen, who has seen the lighthouse every night mistook it that one night.

  4. David Pearce

    1 year ago

    You know, I truly believe that we are definitely not alone. Are we being visited? I think we are, there are just too many sightings to simply write off. Every two minutes there is a UFO reported somewhere around the earth, and it has been suggested that only 1 in ten sightings get reported. That’s a lot of UFO sightings.

  5. Ethan Freed

    1 year ago

    This makes me wonder. Are we really the most inteligent beings out there or is it like the war of the worlds where we are being watched and could be exterminated like bugs whenever they feel like it

  6. Don King

    1 year ago

    mrchava nice one I like stuff like this wicked

  7. Mugwump2013

    1 year ago

    I first saw stories about the Rendleshem ufo a few years ago,, there was never any mention in any of the earlier reports of Pettison experiencing missing time. John Burroughs, another witness, is now making appearances on the ufo lecture circuit with Linda Molton Howe, who has a film of Burroughs under Hypnosis. This story seems to be evolving into an abduction case since Ms. Howe got involved in it.

    If 1000’s of people witnessed the Belgium ufo, surely there would be more than 1 photo of it.

  8. Sean Hooper

    1 year ago

    A satellite reentering, and a meteor all in the same spot, what are the chances? Oh, and the satellite then taking off after a controlled landing. At the time of this event, the soldiers were on duty at arguably one of the most important bases of its time, but they could not differentiate a lighthouse? I don’t know about you, but that makes perfect sense to me.

  9. BryanG

    1 year ago

    Ufos come from aliens! There I said it!

  10. BryanG

    1 year ago

    Very good episode. Lots of stuff I hadn’t heard about.

  11. moartzen

    1 year ago

    ah the lighthouse explanation XD

  12. Rob Anderson

    1 year ago

    true……. just like Obama aka Barry Soetoro

  13. Rob Anderson

    1 year ago

    Robert @32min change jobs

  14. rodney carvalho

    1 year ago

    I just can’t stand this skeptical guy from this video, What does he think we are? Stupid? Stupid is him who comes up with stupid explanations…. He is a man of unbelieving heart, he does not believe in any one, anything or whatever. I just don’t understand, why these people who made this video, invited a man like him…. Every time I watch a video on UFO and this man is given opportunity to speak, I loose interest on the video. PLEASE, stop calling this man to speak, he is not worthy…

  15. MrZacfisher

    1 year ago

    how can that guy say that the stories of aliens and alien space ships at military hangars arent true, how the hell would he know or even be able to look, hes probably never been on a regular airforce base let alone somewhere like area 51, they just say anything…and the show lets them

  16. MrZacfisher

    1 year ago

    these skeptics are effin idiots, it cant be anomalous propagation, if you have a cop and two other witness reporting exactly what the radar is telling you, ppl wouldnt see anomalous propagation, and phillip klass is an expert in telling the news he probably knows NOTHING about radar

  17. MrZacfisher

    1 year ago

    ufo files in general is biased, they will present the best evidence or testimony, then they let some idiot astronomer with absolutely no knowledge of the event or let alone the ufo phenomena in general spew some shit excuse that most of the time makes no sense at all or is just completely wrong, but thats propaganda for you, you just gotta watch for the evidence and ignore the debunkers they never have a decent argument

  18. Mick Carter

    1 year ago

    This vid is as biased as the condon report.

  19. T.J. Dotson

    1 year ago

    To insinuate that some of the best trained soldiers in the world don’t know the difference between a flying object and a lighthouse is insulting. :(. Every time I hear that damned lighthouse theory I’m like like “are you freaking kidding me?”.

  20. MrZacfisher

    1 year ago

    oh and as for mcgaha and him never seeing a radar report, nick pope said when the us tried to get the radar data for that night, they had filed for the night of the 28th when the night was actually the 27th, he thinks they were trying to ruin the investigation from the start, and nick pope did find the correct radar data

  21. MrZacfisher

    1 year ago

    IT WAS NOT A LIGHTHOUSE ancient aliens and ufo hunters have proven it was not a light house just find the ancient aliens episode in the new season called aliens and cover-ups, and ufo hunters ufos vs the military, and on ufo hunters the light house keeper says the light is blocked inland so it doesnt shine inland cuz it can cause problems, it has a sheet of metal on the inland side to block the light it only shines out to sea

  22. MrZacfisher

    1 year ago

    im glad to see there some ppl who realize what an idiot that mcgaha guy is, his excuses and claims make no sense, and most all of his claims have been proven wrong, like the lighthouse it cannot be seen from the site, and two tv shows have proved this, ufo hunters, and ancient aliens, but theyll keep saying its a lighthouse….such idiots

  23. ChgoKurt

    1 year ago

    They know a pyramid planet is. A prison. With no guards or warden. They come for this planets assets, and leave.

  24. Tina Anderson

    1 year ago

    you don’t have a UFO investigation unit as part of the military if you don’t believe there’s UFOs. simple.

  25. C Jersey

    1 year ago

    Unless he works for the govt for disinfo, i actually kind feel sorry for mcgaha-how he could believe what he says shows hes mentally challenged-then being a fame whore, or just his own sense of self importance and stubbornness he wont allow himself to back down. Its absolutely laughable to think that ETs didnt visit these guys that night.

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