New World Order 2013 Conspiracy [Documentary]

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25 comments on “New World Order 2013 Conspiracy [Documentary]

  1. lydiamoonzombie

    1 year ago

    Narrated by Alex Jones..?

  2. get money

    1 year ago



    1 year ago

    divorced twice, angry and lost.


    1 year ago

    The pope is the anti christ

    the lord Jesus warned us that satans anti Christ would force a one world system

    Christ told us the kings of the earth will unite with the anti Christ to force this satanic system

    consider this

    the popes jesuits for the past 500 years have been working to establish a one world system

    they set up the Illuminati

    that’s why the illumi and Jesuits share the same symbols and agenda

    over all Christ told us the anti Christ would hide in Christianity itself out of Rome

  5. xVGypsyVx

    1 year ago

    Exactly what I was thinking. She’s speaking for herself. Her disbelief isn’t going to affect my outcome.

  6. mad hatter

    1 year ago

    Death to The New World Order!!!

  7. Osiris Shelto

    1 year ago

    this is the smartest comment i have seen this year…..

  8. chadyeager26

    1 year ago

    Your God Can’t Save You!!!

  9. MrSquilla23

    1 year ago

    You can see oxygen with a microscope dumb ass. LOL You can also do chemistry and other things with it. You can also measure its physical effects. Go take a science course buddy.

  10. jayrobles420

    1 year ago

    People say dont believe in something you cant see but you cant see oxygen but you believe you can breathe?

  11. kenster545

    1 year ago

    hes not going to save you

  12. Carole Cross

    1 year ago

    Jesus will not save you. Wake up people.

  13. AverageCumedy

    1 year ago

    I love how in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 there were the same videos out. They did not come true… im so scared

  14. Jlug Hemp

    1 year ago

    i didn’t feel that I was mocking his religion.

  15. Jordan A

    1 year ago

    Do not fear Nwo, fear NOTHING – #JesusChristBeliver

  16. Jlug Hemp

    1 year ago

    believe in yourself, not jesus.

  17. Alex Reed

    1 year ago

    God is not false or nor does like people mocking his religion. which you do.

  18. Jlug Hemp

    1 year ago

    doesn’t god say he’s apart of everyone and everthing? so if he’s apart of me he should look like me. no false prophet.

  19. Alex Reed

    1 year ago

    you being a false prophet will get you the ultimate punishment for deceiving gods people.

  20. jrkimbasmarj

    1 year ago

    just believe in jesus

  21. Wil Wiggs

    1 year ago

    Religion is the ultimate blinder. I understand why you believe it though. It feels better to you to think you have a savior coming. When the shit hits the fan, go look in the mirror, there you will find your savior. Are you strong enough to survive?

  22. Forty1Second

    1 year ago

    Another one of many videos that some jerkoff just pretty much renamed an alex jones documentary

  23. diminished07th

    1 year ago

    good video, well done. this is exactly the stuff my band writes about. 

  24. Roshaun Gulliver

    1 year ago

    You’re so right.. I can’t even imagine a group of people being so heartless toward many people’s lives.

  25. Ally Schrottner

    1 year ago

    I am fuckin scared for this!

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