JFK Assassination Cover-Up with Jim Marrs & Douglas…

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24 comments on “JFK Assassination Cover-Up with Jim Marrs & Douglas Horne

  1. Darrenjames Kerr

    1 year ago

    will people please understand he was killed by an in depth conspiracy its so obvious and i have always felt for oswald, if anyone out there thinks im a nut, then you are the ones who allow/want the nazi governments we have now to control us and the world stays crap, by the way im a normal happy family man non bitter human being who knows the truth about what invisible government does, democracy…i laugh

  2. antdavisonNZ

    1 year ago

    compare the number of bystanders in the Nix v. Zapruder films, particularly after the kill shot
    ‪JFK Assassination Stabilized Motion Panorama HD Nix v Zapruder‬

    see also
    ‪JFK Zapruder 18fps no interpolated frames HD stabilized motion panorama‬

  3. I0feanor

    1 year ago

    Abraham Zapruder – CIA
    Zapruder belonged to 2 Dallas CIA organizations. Dallas Council On World Affairs & Crusade For A Free Europe. **The CIA filmed the assassination**
    Other members included George De Mohrenschildt (Oswald friend), Clint Murchison (Big Oil), Haroldson L Hunt (Big Oil –Wanted For Treason JFK posters), David Byrd (owner – Texas School Book Depository), Neil Mallon (CIA – created those Dallas organizations), and George H Bush (CIA)
    GH Bush named one of his sons Neil Mallon Bush

  4. rfn944

    1 year ago

    Sinful, corrupt, dishonest, US government, and that’s the best I can say about them.

  5. Alicia Banks

    1 year ago

    the men who slew jfk own that global warlord bankster hobama

    cc wwiii/ndaa/africom/drones etc


  6. Chad Neel

    1 year ago

    It’s discussed because that chain is linked to events following his death (Vietnam) and our future (911). It is important to understand these things because historically we’re told the Russians are the only ones that alter their history books.

  7. MrLakiel

    1 year ago

    (continued 3) recall a separate honor guard casket delivery at 8 p.m?

    Horne is ecstatic over Roger Boyajian’s “testimony.” Don’t miss comparing it to what the Marine Sergeant himself remembers.

    Horne’s cock-and-bull crap falls like a house of cards with the mere application of an ounce of skepticism and some basic research into the very ARRB witness testimony he helped to obtain. (end)


  8. MrLakiel

    1 year ago

    (continued 2) Horne believes in the body alteration, three separate casket deliveries to the morgue. According to the ARRB testimony of each person, how do the testimonies of lab technicians Jenkins and O’Connor compare with each other? Do the same comparison with photographers Riebe and Stringer and x-ray techs Reed and Custer. Casket type? Body bag? How closely do these two-man teams agree with their work partners?

    How many of the 6:35 and 7:15 casket delivery witnesses (continued)

  9. MrLakiel

    1 year ago

    With the possible exception of David Lifton, Doug Horne is the biggest liar of any JFK “researcher.” All you have to do to prove it is read most of what he has written or said on the assassination and then compare that directly with the ARRB interview transcripts of the principle actors and witnesses, many of which Horne himself attended. According to Horne, where were Siebert and O’Neill when the casket was opened? Where do THEY say they were? (continued)

  10. Julian Montelongo

    1 year ago

    ok somewhat seems true -_-

  11. eggbatt1

    1 year ago

    Your not wrong there mate

  12. Gez501

    1 year ago

    I really don’t understand why the question of JFK’s death is still discussed. The wide world KNOWS what happened. It wasn’t the first time that the ‘Shadow’ Government had assassinated their President ,or their ‘enemies’ in America. It seems to be standard practise still.

  13. artherI046

    1 year ago

    When you pay extra close attention, you may get hidden truth revealed.
    Look at the JFK hair color. It is medium brown – NOT black like on the official govt portraits. Why are the “official” pictures black? To match the death head photo of JFK showing black hair.
    The cop killed minutes later was JD Tippit. Tippit had black hair. His DPD friends nicknamed him Jack & Kennedy – for the obvious reason. You need a body to carve and make up to cover the story lies & altered film. Now you know.

  14. CM Boisvert

    1 year ago

    Johnny Roselli claimed the kill shot from the sewer.

    He further told a Banano son while in prison,

    that his boat and help was supposed to be waiting

    for him at the other open end of the sewer pipe,

    but was not there. Roselli then managed on his own.

    Unconnected to this is a man who spent most of his life

    working on bullet trajectory and was able to finish and

    verify with computers. The kill shot came from the sewer.

  15. Brian Jones

    1 year ago

    I believe Oswald was involved but to what extent, why and whether others were involved remains a mystery.

  16. Brian Jones

    1 year ago

    Regarding number and direction of shots Dealey Plaza is a triangle surrouned by cement perolas and buildings creating disorienting echos of a lioud gun report. Also nobody mentios that surely the bullet hitting a hard skull bone would also maje a loud sound a split second after the gun repiort This may explain why a few witnesses say theey heard 2 shots almost simultaneously.

  17. Brian Jones

    1 year ago

    Connelly never looked back at JFK after the 1st shot. I believe 1st missed hitting curb and shrapnel or cement hit Tague in the cheek. Ausi physical reinactment prooved single bullet theory was possible Connelly was simply mistaken in the seconds of drama. The pristine bullet was not more damaged because it was slowed by all the flesh of JFK and Connally before it struck any bone.

  18. Brian Jones

    1 year ago

    Cycle cops behind limo were showered with blood and dura because it was a fine mist lingering and falling by the time they rode into it. The ejecta sprayed upward and forward as seen on the Z film and reported by the Connellys who were sprayed by it.

  19. Brian Jones

    1 year ago

    Best evidence is the body, the Z film and the IMMEDIATE recollections of witnesses a majority of which heard 3 shots coning fron the TBD

  20. Brian Jones

    1 year ago

    Continued part 3: but remained attached at the neck/hairline showing a massive hole in the back of the head consistent with what Parkland Dr’s observed. Obe more thing to be aware of, impact from a bullet does not cause a human body to propel violently in the opposite direction. This is basic physics.People believe it does because of what they see in movies. It is fiction. i still have many wuestions about JFK’s murder, but I do believe the shots came from the T Book Depository.

  21. Brian Jones

    1 year ago

    Continued: pulling rear skull bone from its mooring (but leaving the overlying scalp)  and through the vacuum of pressure on exit the back skull bone was ejected along with some brain and dura matter toward the front from the temporal exit. The temporal bone was fractured but much of it left attached by the side flap of scalp hanging over the right side of his face. Later at Parkland after manhandling from car to gurney etc the rear flap of scalp dislodged from the top but remained attached…

  22. Brian Jones

    1 year ago

    My theory: a bullet from above and behind hit his skull which was turned sharply left and down after the back/neck shot and hit the skull diagonally. The entry caused fracturing of the back of the skull but not the scalp. When the bullet went diagonally through the brain then impacted the right temporal on exit it created a pressure explosion further fracturing and pulling the back bone b

  23. Brian Jones

    1 year ago

    I agree remains should be exhumed to answer at least some questions. I dont believe Z film was altered it matches up with Nix and Muchmore films. The head shot shows a large rip of skull and scalp rip open from top of head above right ear leaving a flap attached in the right temporal hanging open obscuring his face. Dura matter sprays up and forward of the head. His head does bob forward with impact before he jerks backward in his seat. The back of his head looks intact. Theory in next post.

  24. Patriot091000

    1 year ago

    Thank you all for this excellent discussion. Maybe the government should dig up the remains?

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