JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theory

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Published by on September 13, 2013


JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theory




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7 comments on “JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theory

  1. romanoyt

    7 months ago

    I Understand that, but she didnt die Immediately AFTER the assassination. My point was that no one else in that car (who didnt die immediately after the assassination) has come forward. EVER.

  2. Duffy2013

    7 months ago

    his wife had been dead for over 30 years

  3. MATTYdaddy1888

    7 months ago

    Idk all this conspiracy shits crazy!

  4. The Slippery Snausage

    7 months ago

    It wasnt the driver who killed JFK it was another sniper located in the grassy noel. U can c from another clip which way the blood sprayed and what way his body moved after the shot.

  5. Campbell Jensen

    7 months ago

    Looks like it but ..no didn’t happen

  6. Aaron Voluntaryist

    7 months ago

    The driver didn’t do it… sorry…

  7. romanoyt

    7 months ago

    What I dont understand then is why no one else in the car has come forward to say “the driver did it”. His wife for example!

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