Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory Underground Cities Denver…

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19 comments on “Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory Underground Cities Denver Airport

  1. ImTerrors

    1 year ago

    August 20th, the suns poles will shift, will have to wait and see.

  2. Potttrotter

    1 year ago

    But Jesse Ventura’s face seems so serious!

  3. L1v2d1

    1 year ago

    Most of this is BS, but WTF is up with the murals in Denver international airport? Ive been there several times and some of those quotes and pics they got up are weird. and i mean WEIRD.

  4. bobtheflyingdonkey

    1 year ago

    I’m still alive and using electricity. Wat happind?/?//?

  5. babyroses12

    1 year ago

    this is great entertainment!! don’t take it for fact…

  6. topher m.

    1 year ago

    Im startin to think that maybe the government is just playing smart and also dumb they have no clue what the hell is goin but just like everyone else they listen to theory’s only there willing to do whatever it takes to prepare for such disasters. Such as digging,stock piling,lying, and dare i say murder maybe..What ever it is they could atleast tell us.. just sayin

  7. 20787674

    1 year ago

    we are still here, guess another theory proven wrong. something is going on for sure. but all these people giving a time frame acting like they know something is doing more harm then good

  8. katie hussey

    1 year ago

    ” i believe him because he was speaking very scientifically” – Jesse Ventura

  9. carl carpenter

    1 year ago

    ok its 2013 now ummm… ain’t nothing happenin !???

  10. Collin Franklin

    1 year ago

    so true evry one of them is

  11. danzreggae

    1 year ago

    Someone’s full of shit!!!!!

  12. Jim Jesus

    1 year ago


  13. pl3bian

    1 year ago

    What a bunch of silly bullshit.

  14. Nelson Hernandez

    1 year ago

    Since I can remember the world is coming to an end fuck off and stop scarring people go get a hobby like collecting stamps model cars or fingering yourselves in the ass

  15. vergincity

    1 year ago

    stop investing fear in the mind of people just for a buck how do u get funds

  16. vergincity

    1 year ago

    instead why dont you become elite with that guts

  17. vergincity

    1 year ago

    they fuck who They fuck you in the ass

  18. rkdass1969

    1 year ago

    Hmmm..perhaps that is why they are promoting to reduce CO2 with their global warming BS….as NASA proved recently CO2 in fact cools and protects the earth from solar flares!!!

  19. Ian Critchley

    1 year ago

    “My investigator June Sarpong”… clearly hasn’t be able to get any work since T4

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