Jay-Z Addresses Illuminati Allegations in Song “Heaven…

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24 comments on “Jay-Z Addresses Illuminati Allegations in Song “Heaven” on Magna Carta Holy Grail

  1. Grearspro9

    1 year ago

    Jive turkey? Bitch kill yourself

  2. mook2824

    1 year ago

    If you dont like hip hop and you don’t believe in the illuminati why are you watching this video

  3. ndumiso humphrey mncwabe

    1 year ago

    Psshhtt Moron please don’t bring race into this? unless you a white racists that cant stand successful black people, and im not sure if all the other successful people besides their skin colour, have this so important sweater that gives you the right to justify your jealousy, but I don’t believe all this shit about illuminatis, and im not a hip hop fan so I don’t give a fuck about Jayz it just ppl like you im concerned about who are so Jealous they would do anything to prove their lies, Sit down

  4. Brody Gnomes

    1 year ago

    You’re what the internet calls a hater

  5. burebista1111

    1 year ago

    why are people calling him racist?

  6. Tich Kangai

    1 year ago

    den he goes on to make it seem like everbdy hu listens to jay is ignorant

  7. Tich Kangai

    1 year ago

    this was stupid..den it got a tad racist

  8. shel2185

    1 year ago

    Alot of y’all are so lost smh America got you ppl drinking the juice. Dude is spitting real knowledge!

  9. WebbieTheGreat

    1 year ago

    most blacks can’t vote , fuck Mark Dice , whites voted for Obama too… 1 black president got y’all feeling some type of way

  10. Oliver G

    1 year ago

    racist son of a bitch

  11. Sheldon Corcoran

    1 year ago

    Jay-z is an entertainer.
    You can’t take everything he says and done seriously. Most of his fans don’t.
    Most of his haters do.


  12. Dstrej216

    1 year ago

    so worried about anti-Christian. maybe u oughta go to church. and id like u to recite the magna carta verbatim. and no one knows exactly what the holy grail is. u r fuckin crazy man. one crazy dude believing another crazy dude. u sir are the bobble head of society

  13. Dstrej216

    1 year ago

    crack smoking crazies??? wow ur a joke

  14. Dstrej216

    1 year ago

    its just fuckin music…get a job homie

  15. Dstrej216

    1 year ago

    did u ever consider that they r fucking with the crazy ppl out there like you?? worry bout ur own shit. who cares? illuminati? y u so worried about it man?

  16. monesha clayton

    1 year ago

    U sound ridiculous…..

  17. defu zuli

    1 year ago


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  18. MrCwellol1

    1 year ago

    wow….ur a stupid idiot.

  19. adamjb369

    1 year ago

    Get off his dick

  20. drift13b88

    1 year ago

    blastin on these fools the guy who made this is, if u ask me he talks a good one. and the
    illgayinomi deserves no less.

  21. drift13b88

    1 year ago

    religion and the curch is tainted let love and god guide u

  22. drift13b88

    1 year ago

    Feel surpessed much? Love can guide you not the hate that limits you.

  23. drift13b88

    1 year ago

    Alot of nieve and stupid people in the comments below sheep all of you. Keep sucking ur puppet masters titties.

  24. Plank6969

    1 year ago

    Get over yourself buddy.

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