Absolute Proof of JFK Assassination Conspiracy Part 2.avi

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22 comments on “Absolute Proof of JFK Assassination Conspiracy Part 2.avi

  1. stanley james

    1 year ago

    The case against Oswald. 1,Oswald’s rile was not at his house, 2 What was in the brown paper that he carried into work (no curtain rods were ever found.) 3 Why did he leave the building in such a hurry?

  2. stanley james

    1 year ago

    What do you make of the cop who arrested Oswald, when he said, that Oswald said “I got me a President and I got me a cop” Oswald was very clinical not to give anything away. I believe Oswald

  3. stanley james

    1 year ago

    Some Irishmen were tested positive for explosives after a bombing in Birmingham. sentenced to life imprisonment. 15 years later they were cleared after tests suggested it came off playing cards.
    There was no link to the rife from Oswald until he was killed, two days later.

  4. beaviselectron

    1 year ago

    So you do NOT see the human image in the western window? Yes or no, please.

  5. John1576able

    1 year ago

    Looks like Patterson’s ‘Big Foot’ Movie; ‘hey guess what! we have a photograph of Big Foot in Dallas’! Get real Guys, a shed load of evidence say Oswald is guilty, and that is not changed by ‘Scotch Mist’ on any 6th Floor. In Holiday snaps of Tombstone some folks reckon they see ghostly Gunfighters in the shadows, in these photographs of Dallas people see assassins lurking in the gloom. Just human imagination on steroids.

  6. aligncars10000

    1 year ago

    My thoughts exactly

  7. Richard Blakey

    1 year ago

    So according to this film, the TSBD was “guarded from 6 minutes after the shooting”, but even then only 2 of 5 doors were guarded, allowing people in or out without being seen.
    Yet also this film tells me that “Dallas Police sealed the TBDS building off immediately after the shooting” and that James Powell was only “released upon identifying himself”.
    Then the video reports that James Powell was actually outside, across the street taking a photo of the TSBD only 30 seconds after the shootings..

  8. David Marskell

    1 year ago

    I’ve always had a theory and that is, who gives a shit who killed him exactly? One gunman or twenty? The CIA, Castro, Hoover, the mob, LBJ, on and on ad infinitum. Look, they’re all dead, including Kennedy. A lot of murders go unsolved and it was just one guy (Kennedy). Sure, he was President, but he was just a guy. Not only that, he didn’t deserve to die necessarily, but he was a bit of a cunt. Obsessing about this 50 years after the fact is just weird. Get a life, move on.

  9. TheMrktd1

    1 year ago

    they would be instantly criticized as part of a Government conspiracy.

  10. SmoothCrmnl80

    1 year ago

    If light fixtures could talk…..

  11. Crawldragon

    1 year ago

    “If we put this picture of a man on top of the window, you can clearly see a GIANT man peering out from inside the window.”

    Seriously, if the photo was taken 15 seconds after the last shot, that’s plenty of time for anyone to run off. And why do so many of these conspiracy evidence videos make such a big deal out of the revelation that there were people in the building looking out at the presidential motorcade as it passed by?

  12. dictator54

    1 year ago

    It is a absolute fact that Oswald did not kill Kennedy but the powers to be will never let it be known who the perpetrater was just as we will never know who committed the crimes of 9/11 the biggest mass murder in the history of the U.S a crime that shook and changed the face of the world

  13. captainkavern

    1 year ago

    This test is NOT usable in a court a law because it is not reliable enough. His hand was tested positive. And fiber from his shirt was found on the rifle.

  14. captainkavern

    1 year ago

    It took around 90sec for officer Marion Baker to reach the Depository after he heard 3 shots . With the manager they went upstairs and Baker spotted oswald on the second floor. Oswald had more than 90sec to reach that spot after the shooting. It has been reproduced easily . You can watch the real time video on youtube. The man is not even running! If the two women in the stairs were correct they should have been seen by Truly and Baker. that never happened. So those two women are mistaken

  15. johalieb1

    1 year ago

    agree it’s amazing that some people think people who believe as you and I do around a conspiracy in the Kennedy Assasination are tin foil hat crazies when really it takes much more effort and denial to maintain belief that Oswald did it once you know the LEAST bit more detail about the case. Here’s some random reasonable doubt :Dallas police hid from the press the fact that Oswalds test for gunpowerd on his face (should be pos for shooting rifle) was NEGATIVE. There’s our reasonable doubt!

  16. johalieb1

    1 year ago

    illogical here: you say it’s not a conspiracy indicated by SS failing to protect President, when if you think it through it may mean it is more likely a large conspiracy involving one or some members of the SS. The House Select Commitee was found by the Assasinations Review Board in the 90s to have HID testimony of Parkland doctors and LIED about it’s nature (saying they agreed with autopsy report which they did not). 70s House Select Comitttee was also interested in hiding the truth it seems

  17. johalieb1

    1 year ago

    you are doing that thing people do to try to fit a square peg in a round whole..changing parts slightly. He had 40-60 seconds to cross the entire bld, wipe off the gun and hide it, and get down the stairs after doing something (shooting your President) rather nerve wracking especially for someone who was not a trained assasin. He would have had to run most likely. THere were two women on those stairs at that time.Oswald not pass them they were sure–lest an Invisibility Cloak it’s impossible.

  18. johalieb1

    1 year ago

    “they blame the Muslims”
    we blame certain Muslims, Bin Laden who ADMITTED masterminding 9/11 on tape”. Al Quida claimed responsibilty for 9/11 and released a tape of Bin Laden talking about it with high level operatives saying it worked out even better than expected. What are we supposed to do, say “liar you did not do 9/11 as you say!”
    assinine comment of yours

  19. xxjazmineeexyoo

    1 year ago

    It wasn’t LHO. It would be physically impossible for him to make it past two people without them seeing. Plus, if you watch the extended version of the assassination; you see a secret service man telling the other secret service guys not to get on the back of Kennedy’s car like they were supposed to. Also, if your shot in the back of the head (which supposedly he was) your head would go down. Not back& to the right. You can see how the blood splatters. There was deffinatly another shooter.

  20. hasbia castillo

    1 year ago

    typical america,,always lies and conspiracy’s just like 9/11,,they blamed the muslims and bin laden,,

  21. captainkavern

    1 year ago

    Oswald was not purchasing a coke when baker saw him. He had just entered the room and was going away from the door. Baker called him. Oswald had nothing in his hands….
    Walking down stairs does not make you out of breath at all. That photo really doesn’t prove that Oswald had accomplices. He was alone….

  22. seguino

    1 year ago

    we will never know who shot Kennedy or exactly where the shots came from but…. what proved conspiracy to me is Oswalds demeanor while in police custody.He was 100% believable when stating he was innocent and a patsy..
    If he was the “lone nut” hat we were lead to believe he was, he would have enthusiastically admitted it with a grin on his face.

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